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Whether you're a friend, colleague, or just an idle visitor, welcome. Keep in mind I haven't had a chance to update my "personal" site in... uh... years, and the UI is mighty clunky given my supposed expertise. I'm gainfully employed, so please don't call, recruiters. But, if you would like to know me professionally, you can visit my Linked In Profile.

Puppy pix!
While my husband and I were gone for 6 weeks in Europe we were anticipating picking up two yellow lab puppies in October 2004. Well, they're here! Take a look at the first puppy pictures.

Aqua-Teen Terra Alert
Terror Alert Level

Nice Technology Plug
Try the new Google Chrome Browser!
Shameless Delight: Silly Putty
I have over a hundred pounds of putty, all different colors, with glow and heat sensitive color shifting. What do I do with it all? Mostly, I sculpt it.

Lord of the Rings - the One Ring rendered in Gold Putty!
Persistence of Putty - How I created Dali's "Persistence of Vision" rendered in Putty! and won Crazy Aaron's putty sculpture contest!

I Sell! My items on eBay
I can handle special requests, too.

Yes, I have dogs.
Have you seen how cute my puppies are? Why haven't you yet? Go do it!

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