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Putty color/type lbs Notes
Metallic Red 7 Crazy Aaron: out of "print". A little too light to be pure red
Red 1 Crazy Aaron
Bronze 3 Pearl-Ex Super Bronze
Gold 1 Pearl-Ex Brilliant Gold
Light Green 3 Crazy Aaron (Interference Green, Duo Yellow/Green?)
Green 2 Crazy Aaron
Light Blue 2 Crazy Aaron (Interference Blue, Duo Blue/Green?)
Blue 1 Pearl-Ex Turquoise
Purple 1 Pearl-Ex Misty Lavender
Black 5 Crazy Aaron, has iron, attracted to magnets
Silver 4 Pearl-Ex Silver, Macropearl
  Lava 1 Crazy Aaron-only
Oil Slick 1 Crazy Aaron-only
Scarab 4 Crazy Aaron-only
  Glow: Yellow 3 Crazy Aaron
  Glow: Blue 3 Crazy Aaron
  Glow: Purple 4 Crazy Aaron
  Glow: Green 3 Crazy Aaron
  Bulk Gold 5 Crayola
  Bulk Purple/Pink 7 Crayola. Unstable, should probably sell soon
  Bulk Orange/Yellow 6 Crayola. Unstable, should probably sell soon
  Bulk Yellow 2.5 Crayola. Fluorescent
  Custom Pink 0.125 Metallic Red + Silver + White
  Custom Orange   Bronze + Crayold Bulk Gold
  Custom Gold 0.4 Crayola Bulk Gold
  Custom Green 0.25 True Blue + Gold + Fluorescent Yellow
  Custom Blue 0.15 True Blue + White
  Custom Purple   Metallic Red + True Blue + White
  Blue Icicle 0.8 Crazy Aaron. Light blue translucent with amazing bling
  Red Peppermint 1 Crazy Aaron. Nice silvery variant of Metallic Red
  WHITE 3 Vern's putty list, thought I had more!
TOTAL 75.225